It is possible to maintain hope in the midst of our trials – the Bible tells us so. Isn’t always easy, but it is possible. If we assume a godly perspective on our circumstances – remembering that though we live in a world broken by sin, the Lord nonetheless remains sovereignly in control of all things.

One day – perhaps not today, at this present moment – God will eventually rectify all the wrongs that have been committed against His children, as well as those perpetrated against the downtrodden and defenseless. Our God is just!

We remain hopeful, then, because we are confident in the justice of the God we serve. Yes, our God-focused perspective is confident and full of faith – despite our tears.

Consider the alternative! 😯

PS – I felt led to write this for some reason. I’m not going through any particular trial in my life right now (although as I mentioned earlier in the week, my friend’s mother passed away recently), but felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to pen this message on Daily Hopeful today. In fact, I rarely post this early, but for some reason it feels like I should share this now.

5 thoughts on “Perspective

    1. I suppose when you put it that way, then I look at it differently. Perhaps it’s the size and degree of the trial that is most telling, as we will likely always have SOMETHING that is nipping at our spirituak heels, so to speak.

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