Eternal Hope

You’ll have to pardon this Daily Thankful-esque post, but I feel that I need to share what is on my heart.

My dear friend’s mother passed away this evening – just over an hour ago. I am feeling very sad. Not upset or angry, but sad for my friend, and for the loss of such a remarkable and kind woman of God (for the purpose of this post, I’ll refer to her as Mrs. Davis).

However, I am thankful that my friend and her entire family are believers; consequently, there is a hope that they all have – a Biblical truth to which they can cling – that they will see Mrs. Davis again.

To me, this is the ultimate source of hope – eternity with the Lord, and the promise of being reunited with those who have preceded us in death. Otherwise, to what do you cling to when death is staring you – or someone you love – squarely in the face?

Eternal hope. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters, no?

16 thoughts on “Eternal Hope

    1. Thank you so very much for sharing these wise words here! I am sorry for your loss, but join you in the knowledge and hope that you will be reunited with your mother again in heaven. It is a hope that my friend is clinging to now in such a time of grief – it sounds like you can surely empathize with her situation.

      God bless you! ✝️

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      1. Yeah, I guess 🙂 This is really a time when all we could do is to patiently wait on God to do something within. I don’t think any amount of love that people showered upon me could’ve healed the pain inside [though I’m sure that it all helped]. But His working in our hearts, can produce the peace that passes all understanding. Truly. I never believed I could ever face my mothers passing. The way it all happened made things worse. But by His grace I could. And I believe the same for your friend too 🙂

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      2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It sounds like this has been a very challenging season in your life, but despite this, you continue to steadfastly trust in/honor the Lord. I sense wisdom and peace with you, despite the trials.

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    1. Thank you, Margaret! I see my friend again on Friday, and will simply try to be supportive of her during this incredibly difficult time. I appreciate your prayers for my friend AND encouragement regarding my (wobbly) ‘lil blog here. 😉

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      1. It is a pleasure. I love to pray. There are never the right words in times like this, or I can never find them. I simple tell the person that, and that I am there for them, and praying for them. I love your new blog. It’s like a little baby, just rolling over, taking it’s first steps. I am enjoying watching it grow into the blog God wants it to be :):)

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      2. Thanks, Margaret. The Lord keeps sending people to read it, although this blog has a much broader focus than Daily Thankful did (that one was about my experiences – it’s a lot easier to talk about yourself sometimes!). 😉

        How are things with you? I love your attitude and perspective on prayer – sometimes our prayers are the most powerful when we simply don’t even know what to say.


      3. Things are great thank you for asking. I hope they are the same for you. By reading your blog it seems as they are except for your friends recent loss. My patience is being tested but not on a life or death scale, just every day little stuff scale. Or should I say God is strengthening my patience. He knows it is my weakness.

        Yes, what a blessing that God is bringing the readers 😉 He will always put His children where He wants them to be. Your blog is a great place to be :):)

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      4. I suppose you are right. Per your earlier comment, I am focusing my hope in a God-ward direction, so rather than focusing on the things that are out of my control, I am simply trusting Him and trying to be wise about the choices that I make.

        I am so sorry to hear that your patience is being tested! That can be very frustrating. You are not alone with being impatient at times! 😉

        Thanks again for your encouragement – you are a blessing! 💛

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