He’s Listening

God is always listening. He hears us, and better yet, faithfully responds to our prayers and petitions that align with His will (however, it sometimes seems that the way He chooses to answer looks radically different than what we may expect. Do I understand it? Not necessarily. However, do I trust God? Yes.)

And by the way, I am completing my second week of Daily Hopeful, and I continue to be amazed at how much encouragement and hope the Bible provides. I don’t know what you’re going through right now, but stay faithful in the Word – there truly are some hope-filled gems in there!

6 thoughts on “He’s Listening

    1. Thanks for this helpful encouragement, my friend. Daily Hopeful is very different than Daily Thankful (and even though I stopped writing there, people continue to follow it, which I find intriguing). I have been feeling a little wobbly about Daily Hopeful in comparison – I know I shouldn’t compare the two blogs, but I do! – but I must remember that this is the path upon which the Lord has sent me at this time. Thank you for being you! 💛

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  1. I think we often times forget that when He responds it’s according to His will. I absolutely struggle when God is silent or doesn’t answer the way I want Him to but I found that in the end-His way is always the better way.

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    1. I can relate, Sharon! God’s delays and/or outright “No!” answers can often be sources of discouragement in themselves, but what you said was key: God’s answers are alwayd in accordance with His will. So if the answer is a no or extended delay, we must remember that there is a reason, and that His ways are always best.

      Thank you for this encouragement!

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